Welcome to the Forum Confluentes

Experience art, culture, and education in one location – the heart of Koblenz.

After many years of hibernation, in 2013 Koblenz’s central square has reawakened and is now the vibrant center of the city on the Rhine and Moselle. In addition to the Mittelrhein Forum – one of the most modern shopping centers in the region – art and culture have also found a new home with the Forum Confluentes.

Six levels offer space for the art collection of the Mittelrhein Museum (Middle Rhine Museum), the StadtBibliothek (City Library), the new interactive Romanticum, the Tourist Information Center and the modern restaurants. The result is a space for experiencing knowledge, amazement, and most of all, encountering the diversity our city has to offer all under one roof.

Whether you live and work in Koblenz or are a guest in our city, a visit to the Forum Confluentes is time well spent. Just as indicated by the name – which traces back to Roman times and translates to “the confluence” – here you can see what our city is made up of:

Koblenz connects.